Meet Molo Lolo Team Members

Posted on Mon December 7, 2015.

Every month, discover the portrait of a member of Molo Lolo Team. In December meet Michelle

Lolo House would not be Lolo House without our special Team. Michelle is part of Molo Lolo Team and even though she started only 4 months ago she has been a key element for the House. From Umtata, Western Cape she left her 2 brothers and 3 sisters behind in 1996, and came to Cape Town to start another life. Before joining the team she worked as a waitress in Sea Point, then moved to Durban and worked as a housekeeper in the private sector. The only thing Michelle cares about is her family, her three
daughters and her husband. In her own words: “Molo Lolo is a place where I feel Free & Safe. I can forget about my problems at home and spend some time with people that make my day better and better.”Although Michelle likes her job, she is still dreams of working in a Bank as an accountant or of becoming a famous Fashion Designer for her favorite brand, Diesel.

- We all wish her great luck and will encourage her to pursue her dreams -