Meet Molo Lolo Team Members

Posted on Mon December 7, 2015.

Every month, discover the portrait of a member of Molo Lolo Team. In December meet Michelle

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A night in Mitchells Plain

Posted on Tue June 23, 2015 in Molololo Events.

Molo Lolo Crew &Co tested for you an amazing experience off the beaten track : a local dinner make by Adele and song party in the Township of Mitchells Plain! With Joe and the ganja muffins, amazing evening also for one of our intern Nathan who celebrated his birthday! Our new partnership with Joe and the ganja muffins is created ! Each Sunday let's have a party to his place

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Chefs in Training at Molololo

Posted on Wed June 17, 2015 in Molololo News.

Also happening at Lolo House today... COOKING CLASS, our housekeepers on the way to become real breakfast Chefs for the Lodge.

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